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AK Poker Game Features

At the core of our mission, AK Poker is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive Texas Hold'em competitive platform, catering to poker enthusiasts globally. Our commitment is to address the diverse gameplay needs of the majority of users. The platform's initial offering includes private game modes, enabling players to host free score-based games or USDT games based on their preferences. Following this, we will systematically introduce lobby mode and tournaments to enhance the gaming experience.

Score-based Games, USDT Games

Omaha, Short Deck, All-in or Fold...

Lobby Mode, Everything You Need

AK poker tournaments

Professional tournament hosting

AK Poker stands as an online Texas Hold'em competitive platform seamlessly integrated with Web3, committed to a strategic and deliberate approach to innovation. Our utilization of blockchain technology is centered on ensuring genuine safety, fairness, and transparency. The revolutionary on-chain settlement not only enhances security but also mitigates the risk of misappropriation of user funds.

Random shuffling, fair and transparent

Real-time usage of top third-party random sources
The card sequence hash is pre-released

Asymmetric Encryption Technology

Server-side public key encryption, client-side private key decryption
Shuffling data transmission is absolutely secure

Deep Integration with Web3 ------Revolutionary Settlement

Open-source contracts, absolute security of user funds

AK Poker is dedicated to delivering a premier competitive experience to players worldwide, prioritizing excellence in UI, performance, network, and overall user experience.

Unique visual experience

Sophisticated UI, smooth animations
Unique brand perception

Real-time audio and video

Immersive competitive experience

Premier performance

Optimized for weak network
Instant reconnection
Smooth operation and experience

AK Poker is a dedicated and professional poker competitive platform, while also offering popular gameplay options tailored to specific market conditions.

Blitz poker mode

Increase pool size, winner takes all

Mushroom mode

Grow the mushroom pool together

Squid game mode

Intense and unique competitive experience

For media inquiries, please contact

For media inquiries, please contact