AK total sales


AK total sales

Arbitrum One20,000,000

When buying AK Tokens on mobile, start by accessing your wallet and then visit using the wallet browser.

After a successful purchase, remember to add AK Tokens to your wallet for easy access to your AK assets.

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Adding AK Tokens

1. Adding AK Tokens to Wallet
Any wallet can add custom currencies. Once you've added AK Tokens to your wallet, you can easily keep track of your AK assets
The Swap function currently operates on both the Ethereum and Arbitrum chains. To add AK Tokens, simply enter the AK Token contract address in the custom token section
2. AK Token Contract Address
- Ethereum: 0x68a5B2D6015c9df176C62a71199Df311550895aB
- Arbitrum: 0x5961cbc865728cb86cb9efa293e897a81fa94b64

AK Token Sales Guidelines

1. The official website has launched the AK Token Swap page.
Ethereum initially issued 1,000,000,000 AK Tokens, then immediately bridge 200,000,000 tokens to Arbitrum One
The official website provides 20,000,000 tokens on each chain for users to freely swap
2. The initial price is 0.05 USDT.
Swap sets a limit for each address on both chains
Prices and limits will be adjusted according to market conditions
3. After deducting operating costs and buyback burning, 100% of profits are used for dividends
Staking at least 10,000 AK Tokens on the current mainnet activates Mining Machine participation in platform dividends
It also activates shareholder status on the current mainnet
4. PC & Mobile Purchases.
PC: Use Chrome browser for easy purchases via wallet plugin
Mobile: Access your wallet and visit for purchases
For more project information, please refer toAK Project Introduction

For media inquiries, please contact

For media inquiries, please contact